Saif Abdulah in Vaughan is the most popular best mortgage agent offering all sorts of mortgage solutions. Saif has won the trust, confidence and validation of customers thanks to his professional and personalised services in Vaughan.

Saif has the best network in Vaughan in addition to many other Canadian cities that support mortgage aspirants to buy their dream house at the best mortgage rates.

Saif tries his best to extract the lowest interest rates from lenders who range from banks or private lenders. The mortgage rates can be fixed or variable. The core services offered are pre-approval, support for new to Canada mortgage applicants, self-employed mortgage, reverse mortgage, mortgage renewal, home equity loans and second mortgage in Vaughan.

Saif as the best mortgage broker in Vaughan has a wide network of lenders which include reputed banks and alternate lenders.

Saif puts the mortgage aspirants in Vaughan at ease with faster services that salvage their time and costs on a long term basis. The services by Saif Abdulah in Vaughan include the following.

  • Pre-approvals
  • New to Canada mortgage
  • Self-employed mortgage
  • Mortgage renewals
  • Second Mortgage
  • Mortgage Refinancing
  • Debt consolidation

First time home buyers are comfortable with the support and guidance of Saif and the team. The best mortgage specialists of Saif in Vaughan offer timely advice on the pros and cons of the variable rate as well as fixed-rate mortgage rates.

Customers are all praise for the best mortgage broker in Vaughan via testimonials as Saif works on mortgage transactions and negotiations with a timetable and culminate in achieving dream homes for the aspirants and home loan borrowers.

Saif is the best mortgage agent in Vaughan because

He makes things easy for those applying for a mortgage and conducts extensive in-person interactions for the best mortgage deal.

For first time home buyers, Saif makes all-out efforts to get the best home loan deal with the lowest mortgage rate affordable to the customers.

Best Turnaround Time

Saif team offers the best turnaround time with fast track mortgage pre-approval and great rates. As the top mortgage specialist in Vaughan, Saif also educates customers well on how to go about in fixed and variable rates. Saif as the top mortgage specialist will explain the subtle differences between mortgage products offered by banks and private lenders who are known as alternate lenders in Vaughan.

Pre-Approval in Vaughan

In any home-buying effort, mortgage pre-approval is the first step. The mortgage agent studies the applicant’s background and decides the level of affordability of a mortgage applicant with respect to a certain price range and time duration.

“Pre-approval” is the gateway to the home purchasing market proclaiming the aspirant’s eligibility to strike a mortgage deal and he can pay back a mortgage loan within his income.

Pre-approved offers brighten mortgage deals because the income details validate the ability to service a mortgage.

But pre-approval does not assure an actual mortgage deal, as other factors determine the final approval including the broker’s brilliance.

New To Canada Mortgages

Newcomers to Canada will have a huge aspiration to own a home and feel settled. They also need guidance to garner competitive financing and settle in a decent neighbourhood. Vaughan Saif is the best broker mortgage agent to give you this support.

First Time Home Buyer in Vaughan

The mortgage team of Saif Abdulah has special care for first time home buyers and lead them to the best home mortgage based on the current financial situations. In case the aspirant has any challenge in the pre-approved mortgage, Saif will look at alternate ways to manage the process rightly towards the best mortgage deal.

So, do not waste time call up Saif Abdulah the best mortgage broker and take advantage of the opportunity in the best mortgage products.

Self-employed mortgages in Vaughan

Given the tight screening by most lenders and high rejection rates in self–employed mortgages, the brokerage service of Saif in Vaughan will be a boon for such buyers in winning the best deal.

As far as self-employed mortgage applicants are concerned, the evaluation of lenders varies, unlike traditional mortgage applications. In the latter, banks focus on the net income declared on the tax return.

In the case of self-employed mortgage applicants, the net income will look low due to tax payments and high expenses for operating the business. This ticklish issue needs the backup of an ace mortgage expert like Saif who can negotiate with the best lenders and overcome apprehensions in sanctioning the best mortgage products for the self-employed mortgage applicants in Vaughan.

A Second Mortgage in Vaughan

Saif in Vaughan will explain the viability of a second mortgage in raising funds immediately without breaking an existing mortgage. As the best mortgage agent in Vaughan, Saif will negotiate with the lender in Vaughan to get the best second mortgage deal to help your short and long-term goals.

Second mortgage is nothing but a second loan on a property that is already on a first mortgage. Most lenders insist on at least 15 per cent to 20 per cent equity in the home to release 85 per cent of the home’s value, minus current mortgage debts as funds.

For example, a home got a market value of $300,000 and there is $200,000 left on the mortgage, the amount that can be borrowed in a second mortgage will be something like this: ($300,000 x 0.85) – $200,000.

A good mortgage broker like Saif can get you a good second mortgage deal offer covering different mortgage spans, with many options including interest-only mortgages or bridge loans that got no pre-payment penalties.

Mortgage Refinancing in Vaughan

If a mortgaged home has enough home equity the surplus equity can be put to good use to pay the high-interest debt through mortgage refinance. It is breaking an existing mortgage and starting a new one with the same lender or having a new lender financing it. But there will be the cushion of a lower rate and flexible loan terms to pay it off.

However, breaking a mortgage can invite a prepayment penalty and a smart mortgage broker can use his skills to win a fair mortgage deal.

Home Equity Loans in Vaughan

The line of credit known as HELOC is a flexible credit that can be taken when a need arises. It is secured against the home and the interest rates are variable.

Mortgage Renewal in Vaughan

Renewing a mortgage in Vaughan is easy. It is just signing and sending back the renewal slip from the lender. But the renewal can become a sweet mortgage deal with amicable rates if professional intervention by ace broker Saif happens.


What are the benefits of a mortgage pre-approval?

Shopping for a new home is made easier by a mortgage pre-approval which mandates that the lender will stick to the rate provided for at least 120 days. Although a Mortgage Calculator gives a broad idea as to how much amount an applicant can take as loan, the mortgage pre-approval process with its detailed review of credit history and income also comes at the precise amount. If the lender is satisfied with the credentials a mortgage pre-approval follows for a specific amount, term and mortgage rate subject to detailed verifications.

What is the advantage of home equity?

Equity in a property is the difference between the market value of a property and the owner’s outstanding liabilities on it. Equity Line of Credit or Home equity loan is easy to access up 80 per cent of appraised value. It can be used for paying off high-interest debts, home renovation, education expenses, and settling personal loans and credit cards outstanding.