If you are looking for a good mortgage agent in Thornhill you cannot miss Saif Abdulah, the most trusted mortgage agent in the Thornhill city of Canada. 

Saif has proven excellence in delivering the lowest mortgage rates in Thornhill via best deals that match a home buyer’s financial conditions. Blending strong relationships and expertise Saif cuts deals with all types of lenders and deliver the lowest possible rates as mortgage solutions. 

Saif works not only with banks but also with all types of lenders including private lenders called alternative lenders. In Thornhill Saif strives to get the best deal in fixed rate as well as variable mortgages. 

Only a brilliant mortgage specialist like Saif in Thornhill can wrest such rates and explain the difference between a variable and a fixed-rate mortgage and make you feel reassured.

In a fixed mortgage rate the interest rate will be the same for the entire borrowing period, while variable rate loans change over time. 

Most borrowers in Thornhill like predictable payments like fixed-rate loans. The payout cost will not change. The price of a variable rate loan can increase or decrease and borrowers who expect lower interest rates mostly opt for variable rate loans.

Faster action required

Mortgage rates fluctuate continuously in Thornhill so it is unwise to wait for long. Saif can hold rates by opting for the best lender, in-home, income property or vacation investments. Saif is the trusted mortgage agent in Thornhill who helps save money and time while finding the best mortgage.

The best mortgage broker in Thornhill offers valuable insights throughout the process. He will explain how purchasing a home is exciting but the investment via mortgage can be stressful too if there is no experienced advisor behind you.

In the most important financial decision, a lot of information is required. That is why an experienced mortgage professional Saif in Thornhill is the best guide for making it simple and less cumbersome. 


Pre-approval is a crucial step that eases the stress of home buying and paints a clear picture of the deal ahead. As an experienced mortgage broker in Thornhill, Saif can find how much amount one aspirant can qualify.  

First time home buyers

Saif guides first time home buyers immaculately helping to buy the first dream home. There are tailor-made programs for the borrowers in Thornhill offering 5 to 10 percent of the home’s purchase price as a down payment. This lowers mortgage costs and homeownership turns affordable. An applicant is considered a first-time homebuyer if that person has not purchased a home before.

New to Canada Mortgage

New to Canada mortgage on Thornhill covers newcomers to Canada who wants to feel settled by buying a home in Canada. For this segment, Saif uses his trusted mortgage specialist skills in the Thornhill region with excellent service.

Those homebuyers in Thornhill need guidance whether it is competitive financing or in getting the best neighbourhood.

New to Canada home buyers in Thornhill needs no Canadian credit history and will qualify for a mortgage with a minimum or no credit history. Saif will work on the best deal package covering competitive rates and maximum rate guarantee. The best mortgage agent in Thornhill can stretch amortization or paying period to 30 years and win a down payment of at least 20 percent.

Self-Employed mortgage

Self-employed mortgage in Thornhill needs adequate broker guidance as the segment faces tough scrutiny by lenders.

A self-employed individual is defined as someone who works not for any employer and earns no fixed salary or wage from a third-party employer. They may be business owners, freelancers, commission agents etc.

To apply for a self-employed mortgage the applicant must be operating a business or in an occupation for a minimum of least 2 years. But some lenders insist on 3 years of history. Not many lenders are liberal with a self-employed mortgage and a mortgage expert like Saif in Thornhill is a must for getting the best deal by finding the best lender. 

Debt Consolidation

Saif in Thornhill also assists to get freedom from high-interest debt incurred from credit cards or loans. Homeowners in Thornhill can get the advantage of home equity and combine liability into a debt consolidation mortgage via conventional mortgages, home equity loans or a line of credit.

Debt consolidation in Thornhill combines two or more loans into a single long-term loan and releases funds to pay off several debts at the same time. Once debts are paid off, a single loan is left to pay in place of so many.

Saif in Thornhill can negotiate a loan that can consolidate all debts and the lender will offer a loan equivalent or more than the debt value. Under the debt consolidation plan, all high-interest loans such as credit cards will be settled on a priority. The lender will close all the outstanding debts of the borrower by paying creditors simultaneously bringing considerable relief. 

Saif and team in the Thornhill mortgage market will always bat for a deal of lower interest rates and work on a budget plan that takes care of your finances, financial goals and pay off debt. 

Mortgage Renewal

A Thornhill mortgage on reaching the maturity date needs renewal. The lender or mortgage provider will send a renewal slip covering the offered rate and tenure of the new mortgage. 

Although it is a matter of just signing and sending back, a few steps using a trusted mortgage broker can draw many benefits in terms of good interest rates and mortgage terms.

There are also options to consider whether to refinance the mortgage or get a HELOC leveraging the equity. 

Mortgage Refinancing

There are many good reasons to refinance a mortgage by renegotiating an existing mortgage loan or replacing it with a new one. It is mostly done during a mortgage term renewal. 

If lenders are changed it amounts to paying out an old mortgage and creating a new one. Refinancing in Thornhill attracts charges including pre-payment penalties. But it makes financial sense. Saif in Thornhill educates customers on how a to refinance can be prudent on a long term basis.

Taking advantage of lower rates means saving lots of money. Paying off the mortgage with lower rates and amortization will reduce the monthly payments. It will also free up cash flow with the re-extended amortization as the pay off time of the mortgage expands in Thornhill.

Second mortgage

Saif in Thornhill can assist to obtain a second mortgage that is simply a second loan on your home. The top mortgage specialist in Thornhill will try to extract the maximum amount of the appraised value of the home minus the balance on the first mortgage.

The second loan is secured against home equity and demands punctual servicing. If payments default there is a risk of losing the home as it will be sold off to pay first and second mortgages with the payments going to the first lender as a top priority.


How much down payment is required?

It is not a mandatory procedure. For a well-qualified applicant, it can be as little as 3 percent. But certain types of loans will attract more down payments. 

If a down payment is less than 20 percent, it needs private mortgage insurance and will require more closing costs and higher monthly payments. Lenders offer the lowest interest rates when there is 20 percent equity in a home.

How much time does it take to get the funds?

The average loan processing time can vary from three to five weeks. With certain private lenders, it can be so short as a day. Adding a closing date to a purchase contract and negotiating the date with the broker and lender can cut the anticipated turnaround time further.