For all your mortgage needs in the beautiful city Markham in Canada, Saif Abdullah is the best mortgage agent. The trusted ally in home buying initiatives will guide you through the procedures with no tension as he has all the answers and solutions to your questions and problems.

Saif with his team runs one of the largest mortgage brokerages in the city of Markham offering top quality services and the latest mortgage products of Canada. 

Thousands of satisfied customers vouch for Saif’s unmatched abilities to ready mortgages with the best lenders in a hassle-free manner. Saif extends an empathetic approach to clients in Markham and he stands like a rock at all times navigating the homebuyers through the complete mortgage process to own the dream house. 

The mortgage specialist team of Saif in Markham has the access to a variety of home equity products and knows what works in mortgage and deliver the best product available.

So, if you are looking for the best mortgage rates in Markham, Saif Abdulah is the best bet. Your requirement could be anything—buying a first home or refinancing an existing one or a reverse mortgage or second mortgage. They all get the right support from Saif.

Markham has many mortgage products. Saif makes sure that the aspirants get the lowest mortgage rate that suits the buyer’s needs. Saif in Markham guides home buyers brilliantly in terms of procedures, documentation and products in line nicely with financial conditions.

Saif is the best mortgage broker with special support plans for certain mortgage aspirant categories such as new to Canada, self-employed mortgage and first time home buyers. 

This is in addition to the best practices in the pre-approval process and other services in the post mortgage phase in Markham. The latter includes mortgage renewal, second mortgage, refinance, debt consolidation and home equity loans.

Specialty Services 

Saif offers the best service as the best mortgage broker in the city of Markham with brilliant mortgage products at lower rates. Among the vast services, the important ones in Markham include the following.

  • Pre-approval
  • Self-employed 
  • New to Canada
  • First time home buyers
  • Second mortgage 
  • Mortgage refinance 
  • Mortgage renewal 

If any aspirant in Markham is facing any cold response from a lender Saif will reach out and get the right lender to take the mortgage deal forward. 

Customer-centric Approach on Rates

Saif in Markham has a customer-centric approach. He strives for the best rates for homebuyers in Markham as attested by hundreds of testimonials and thousands of happy clientele.

Saif will educate the mortgage aspirant on choosing the best fixed-rate mortgage Vs variable rate mortgage explaining the short term and long term benefits lucidly. 

Saif works with many private lenders as well in addition to several top-notch banking lenders. Private lending players are also called alternate lenders. 

The fixed-rate interest stays constant in the entire term of the mortgage. This contrasts with variable rate mortgage that fluctuates with the prime rate throughout the mortgage term. 

Even if regular payments look outwardly constant, the interest rate change can impact the payoff to the principal every month. When rates decrease more regular payments go into the principal and it will be vice versa when rates jump.

Pre-approval in Markham

Mortgage pre-approval is the first step in the buying process of a home. In this process, a specific amount is estimated that is within the applicant’s paying capacity. Getting pre-approved at the earliest is necessary as income verification and supporting paperwork are authenticated for enabling faster deals. 

The benefit of pre-approval in Markham is that the reigning interest rate will prevail for 60-120 days. That is a great relief amid the rate swings. In case of a rate crash, there is again the advantage of getting lower market rates.

First Time Home Buyer in Markham

Saif Abdulah and the team take care of first time home buyers in Markham and have the best home mortgage product in line with the financial conditions and assets. Saif scans all the offers from multiple mortgage lenders and picks only the plausible mortgage option. He also leverages the incentives for first time home buyers in Canada.

Saif’s work in Markham applies the best skills to deliver results in the complex mortgage areas.

New To Canada mortgages in Markham

For newcomers in Canada purchasing a home means settling down in the real sense of the term. Saif as the best mortgage broker in Markham will tender the best advice on how to win a better mortgage deal and find the perfect neighborhood. 

Unlike traditional mortgage products self-employed mortgage aspirants face tough screening and have a higher rejection rate. Therefore it requires the guidance of an astute mortgage broker like Saif in Markham to convince suitable lenders for favourable self-employed mortgage deals.

Certainly, Saif is a go-to person in all complex mortgage deals at Markham.

Self-employed mortgages in Markham 

Unlike traditional mortgage products self-employed mortgage aspirants face tough screening and have a higher rejection rate. 

Therefore it requires the guidance of an astute mortgage broker like Saif in Markham to convince suitable lenders for favourable self-employed mortgage deals.

This category of borrowers faces rigorous scrutiny at the income proof front. So, Saif in Markham can be a great support in finding the right mortgage lender and results. 

Second Mortgage in Markham

Second mortgages are the easiest way to raise funds when stressed for funds even when a first mortgage is running on your home in Markham. The benefit is that it can be done without breaking an existing mortgage. Saif in Markham can negotiate and get you the best rates in the second mortgage aligning all your short and long-term goals.

Mortgage Refinancing in Markham

When good home equity is available in a mortgaged home, that equity can be put to good use by breaking the existing mortgage to start a new one with the same lender or a different bank. 

Refinancing allows the homeowners to pay the full amount of the previous mortgage by taking another loan. The new loan with its new terms and rate will be different from the original one in Markham.

Refinancing benefits include winning a lower rate, leveraging equity to consolidate debts and plan for bigger financial goals.

Debt Consolidation in Markham 

Saif in Markham is a good resource for debt consolidation with a long-term option to clear all existing debts by leaving just one loan to service. To consolidate debts the lender in Markham will accept a loan agreement that will clear all the outstanding debts.

Mortgage Renewal in Markham

When a mortgage nears the end of tenure and a balance is left it is time to renew the mortgage. Mortgage renewal can also throw up an opportunity to assess the weakness of the current mortgage. The current mortgage provider will send a renewal slip that you can sign and send back, but the occasion can be made more profitable by planning a productive mortgage deal. Saif in Markham can help you in getting a win-win mortgage renewal deal.


What are the functions of a mortgage broker?

Mortgage brokers primarily evaluate a borrower’s capacity to secure financing and ascertain the loan amount he can get. This is done by analysing data on the borrower’s current income, loan details, planning the lenders to target, interest rates, size of down payment, payback terms and other things. The mortgage brokers research extensively and contact lenders to get the right deal for their clients.

How to choose the right lender who is best for an aspirant’s financial situation?

The mortgage broker will assess the applicant’s finances before determining a suitable lender. Since borrowers have different backgrounds the lender must be the one who fits the clients’ financial situation offering the least risk for the mortgage broker and customer. 

Why best interest rate makes a good deal?

The interest rates in mortgages are crucial as they affect the overall cost of borrowing. A lower rate translates into decent savings of thousands of dollars. When the rate goes up the loan becomes expensive and difficult to manage.