Buying a home is the most hectic procedure which is admitted by all. But a good mortgage agent like Saif Abdullah ( tel:(416 312 3546) can save any new, old home buyers time, money, and hassle. Taking a mortgage is a bit easier procedure if you get to the perfect person like Saif Abdullah mortgage agent. But in most cases, mortgage renewals can get real hectic if you don’t go to the perfect place. The process of mortgage renewals is a bit tricky work. If someone is not professional at their work it will be a total disaster for the homeowner.


A mortgage is a procedure that a fixed asset buyer goes through to make their buying procedure easier financially. Fix asset means a home, office, school buildings, etc. Buying fixed asset costs a lot of money but taking a mortgage to buy fix asset make the process very easy, if the mortgage agent is like Saif Abdullah is here to advise you throughout the whole process. When a buyer borrows from a lender but the home the buyer is buying will be held till the buyer pays the full amount he borrowed with interest is called mortgage.


  • In most cases, the interest rate of a bank loan is way higher than a mortgage rate.
  • Mortgage is way flexible than taking a bank loan for a home.
  • To be applicable for a bank loan a buyer needs to go through an exhausting process yet sometimes a buyer cannot get the bank loan.
  • Getting a mortgage is easier than a bank loan. Even though a buyer is not affluent enough but mortgage agent like Saif Abdullah will make sure each and every client gets a flexible mortgage according to their financial status.


Every mortgage has a time period, which will end after a certain period of time. Then again if a buyer needs money, a loan, or extending the mortgage period he can do it. But mortgage renewals mean expanding the time period of the old/running mortgage with the same company.


Mortgage renewals are better than taking a bank loan or new mortgage in every case possible.

  • Getting a new mortgage is time-consuming and again a process of exhaustion. And bank loan is a long procedure, cannot take a small amount and the interest rate is high.
  • Where mortgage renewals have the opportunity to get smaller money against the mortgage and the rate is even smaller than the original mortgage if the agent is as good as Saif Abdullah
  • Buyer already has a better understanding of the mortgage agent.
  • Previous mortgage agent knows almost everything they need to know about a buyer.
  • They do not have to go through the exhausting process of paperwork.
  • By the time of mortgage renewals come the mortgage agent is well aware the needs of the buyer.
  • During the process of buying a home a bond is extremely needed for a buyer, a bond is needed because he needs someone who will understand the dream and desire within a small budget.
  • But the best part is during mortgage renewals the interest rate gets lower if the old buyer or client reapplies.
  • During mortgage renewals the process is much faster than switching to a new mortgage agent or getting a bank loan.


Clients’ current mortgage company cannot force their clients to renew their deeds with them. It is totally to the client’s hand what they what to do and what no but mortgage agents like Saif Abdullah can give their client a better solution what they should do about the mortgage renewals. The client needs to confirm the ending or the mortgage renewals within the last 21 days according to Canadian law. Usually, the interest rate differs from the previous one so the client needs to go through the whole mortgage renewals process very carefully.

  • A buyer should definitely get a brand new idea of what they want to do now with the new financing procedure then they better decide on mortgage renewals.
  • They should decide the new term of duration for the mortgage renewals.
  • If a client does mortgage renewals with their previous mortgage agent they don’t have to go through a lot, but if a buyer chooses to switch to a new mortgage agent they need to prepare themselves with new fees, terms, conditions, and papers.
  • Even the process of mortgage renewals sounds easy but there are so many aspects to look at and decide before taking any decision.
  • During mortgage renewals the client can do negotiate with a mortgage agent. They have an opportunity to lessen the interest amount Saif Abdullah mortgage agent is extremely flexible during the period of mortgage renewals.


There are plenty of reasons for which mortgage renewals can get denied. But mortgage agent like Saif Abdullah makes sure that their clients don’t face any such thing. Reasons mortgage renewals get rejected are:

  • If the credit score is low.
  • The client must be careful that their debt to income ratio is not too high.
  • The clients’ loan to value ratio must be stable.
  • If the property gets damaged meantime.
  • If the client loses their job or earning source.
  • The bank account has to be stable.
  • If during the mortgage period the client were irregular while paying the mortgage installment it is highly possible that the mortgage renewals will be rejected.


The process of the mortgage renewal takes different time duration during different situations.

When a client merges their mortgage renewals with their previous mortgage agent it takes a phone call or an e-mail. Or they already sign a deed during the first period. But it is also faster because when the time period gets closer to the near the mortgage agent asks the client whether they want to renew their mortgage contract or not. So it takes highly days or weeks.

If a client decides to change their mortgage agent the process is extremely lengthy. The mortgage company again verifies all the papers you again have to make bonding with the new one, you might not even find the best interest length and you even have to give the previous mortgage agent a cancellation fee. So this way the mortgage renewals process could take months.

But the mortgage agent like Saif Abdullah is extremely helpful towards their clients whether is their new client or old one.

these are the basic information to know before making the decision of mortgage renewals. But before choosing Saif Abdullah mortgage agent for mortgage renewals knowing about them would be better.

  • Saif Abdullah is so many years in the market. And Saif Abdullah is one of the leading mortgage agents in Canada.
  • They do not only work with the client but they work for their client.
  • Saif Abdullah will keep in mind mortgage renewals needs, budget, and requirements for you.
  • They have a vast network.
  • They are well known to the lender so your chance of getting the desired mortgage gets higher.
  • Saif Abdullah has great negotiation skills which will help you to choose a better interest rate for your mortgage renewals.
  • They are dedicated to saving their clients time and efforts which is much needed during mortgage renewals.
  • They will help to compare other rental fees for you.
  • Saif and Abdullah will educate you with important information.

When a mortgage agent like Saif Abdullah gives service in more than 10 locations that is when you know that they have the best options for you. The locations they serve are:

  • • Markham.
    • Concord.
    • King City.
    • Mississauga.
    • Richmond Hill.
    • Thornhill
    • Toronto GTA.
    • Milton.
    • Ontario.
    • Aurora.
    • Oakville.
    • North York.
    • Kleinburg.
    • Newmarket
    • Vaughan.

Saif Abdullah mortgage agent is a professional and experienced mortgage agent for mortgage renewals. All things considered, choosing him would be the best decision.

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